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The Truth About Breast Augmentation Myths

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With breast augmentation being one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed today, one would think that information about the procedure would be common knowledge. However, there are still many misconceptions present today about breast augmentation surgery. Here, we will clear up these misconceptions or myths so you have the right information before choosing to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

Myth: If I have dropping breasts, a breast augmentation will correct them.

Truth: A breast augmentation is meant to add fullness and volume to the breasts, not lift them. However if you are concerned with dropping breasts, a breast lift can be done in conjunction with an augmentation to add perkiness as well as fullness.

Myth: You can always tell when a women has breast implants.

Truth: Plastic surgery is a serious decision that should be carefully thought about before-hand and discussed thoroughly with Dr. Ellen. However, just because you choose to enhance your appearance does not mean that it needs to be a drastic enhancement. Also, most women today prefer a more natural appearance to their breast enhancement, which can easily be achieved with the large selection of implant shapes, sizes and textures available.

Myth: Breast augmentation= Major scars

Truth: When performing breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Ellen often makes the incision in the breast fold, which is barely visible when healed. Dr. Ellen will try to make the incisions as discreet as possible, as she understands the importance of natural-looking results.

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