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Mastopexy can lift your breasts to a more youthful position. Commonly known as a breast lift surgery, this procedure tightens and reshapes the tissue to counteract the effects of gravity.

Dr. Ellen performs breast lift surgery in Birmingham, MI for women who are bothered by sagging or drooping breasts, conditions that frequently occur after childbirth or weight fluctuations.

Mastopexy – Surgery To Elevate The Breasts

You may be a candidate for mastopexy if you:

  • Wish to restore a youthful breast position
  • Are bothered by mild, moderate or severe breast sagging
  • Have undergone significant weight loss, leading to breast droop

During a consultation, Dr. Ellen can determine the severity of your breast droop. Doing this will help her choose the right technique for your breast lift. Some women have only a mild degree of breast sagging (i.e. ptosis) and need a short surgical procedure. For others, a more involved procedure is necessary for satisfying results, especially when the nipples reside at the lowest point of the breast.

Common Breast Lift Questions

Before your appointment, we recommend that you read the following frequently asked questions about breast lift surgery. If you have a more specific question, please send it to our friendly staff using the online contact form.

How Is Breast Lift Surgery Performed In Birmingham, MI?

The breast lift surgery is usually performed through an incision that is shaped like a keyhole, inverted T or anchor. In select cases, the doctor can perform the surgery through an incision that surrounds the areola. Loose skin is tightened and glandular tissue is removed to elevate the breast to a higher position.

Does A Breast Lift Procedure Use Breast Implants?

A traditional mastopexy does not involve implants. In some cases however, a patient may benefit from a combination procedure called augmentation-mastopexy. This may be achieved in a single procedure or through two staged operations performed several weeks apart.

What Will The Results Look Like?

To understand the expected outcome, please view our before and after gallery with breast lift photos. Each patient’s body is unique, so do not expect to achieve results that are identical to another patient.  Dr. Ellen will show you before and after pictures of patients with similar height and weight during your breast lift consultation.

Will There Be Scars?

There will be permanent surgical scars after breast lift surgery, which fade and flatten out significantly over time. Part of the scar is concealed in the pigmented segment of the areola, while another part travels vertically down from the nipple. Depending on the level of drooping of your breast, you may also have a scar underneath of the breast

Who Is Qualified To Perform Breast Lift Surgery Near Detroit?

A board certified plastic surgeon is the most qualified doctor to perform breast lift surgery.  Dr. Ellen currently services Detroit and the surrounding areas of Troy, Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights and West Bloomfield Michigan.  Dr. Ellen is one of the premier breast surgeons in the area meeting with patients at her Bloomfield Hills, MI office.

Contact Dr. Ellen To Discuss More About Breast Lift Surgery.

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