Dr. Ellen created Envee Aesthetics back in 2009 to offer patients an effective approach to skin rejuvenation.  Doctor Ellen knows that the key to healthy skin and a more youthful appearance begins with proper skin care maintenance.  Envee Aesthetics offers a variety of treatments to help with sun damage, rosacea, skin resurfacing, collagen induction therapy and more!  Her highly trained, licensed and certified staff are here to help you along your journey to skin health and wellness.

Your first appointment will include a VISIA complexion analysis that will look at your overall skin health including texture, sun damage, varicosities and more. This system analyses over 400 different points to allow for a thorough skin care analysis.  From there our medical spa staff will establish an all-inclusive treatment plan that will address your areas of concern.

Skin Care


The aging process begins earlier than you may think and over time compounds the loss of essential supportive skin compounds like collagen and elastin. Your skin’s ability to recycle and regenerate these vital proteins needs help to keep looking youthful and to help you look as confident as you feel. That’s why Alastin developed TriHex Technology, fortified with peptides and active botanicals to support the skin’s natural processes with a complete line of custom formulas to suit anyone’s individual needs. Drawing from the experience of years of clinical work and ingredient optimization resulted in Alastin’s proprietary products that are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free, so you can feel proud of your purchase and happy with the way they make you look and feel. Purchase Alastin skincare here!


Formulated specifically for microneedling, Skinfuse provides the skin cells the essential building blocks necessary to optimize the results of microneedling. Just as the fibroblast in the lower layer of our skin slows down collagen production over time, important skin cells in the top layer of our skin, the epidermis, also slow down and stop communicating over time, compromising the skin texture and tone. While microneedling alone triggers the growth factors and signaling molecules proven to increase cell to cell communication, Skinfuse provides the essential skin cell nutritional requirements to optimize this process of restoring healthy cell function, while omitting ingredients proven to hinder this process.


Epionce is a physician-strength skin care line created by clinical dermatologist, Dr. Carl Thornfeldt. Epionce is rooted in hard science and integrates over 20 years of clinical skin research. Epionce provides the foundation to address your unique skin care needs. From improving the visible appearance of skin aging to problem skin, Epionce has a regimen to solve your specific skin concerns. Purchase Epionce skincare here!


Our Medspa, Envee Aesthetics, offers quality nonsurgical procedures from highly trained and trustworthy professionals. At Envee Aesthetics, patients can receive laser treatments, facials, injectables, and more to address their unique skin concerns. Visit Envee Aesthetics’ website to learn more about the professional treatments we offer.