After a mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery can help restore a normal feminine shape. The surgery can be performed immediately after mastectomy or several weeks later. There are several possible techniques a plastic surgeon can utilize, including tissue expansion and breast implantation.

Women near Detroit and the surrounding areas affected by breast cancer can turn to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Janetzke for breast reconstruction surgery.

Am I A Candidate For Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

You may be a candidate for breast reconstruction if you:

  • Are planning to undergo (or have undergone) mastectomy
  • Have undergone a lumpectomy or breast-conserving surgery
  • Believe you are mentally or emotionally prepared for breast reconstruction

Your oncologist may have already informed you about options in breast reconstruction, including the many techniques offered by plastic surgeons in the Detroit area. If you’re seeking a plastic surgeon for breast reconstruction surgery, you can consult with Dr. Ellen about the procedures she performs here in Birmingham, Michigan.

Common Questions about Breast Reconstruction Surgery Near Detroit?

The following question are some of the most frequently asked questions about breast reconstruction.  Dr. Ellen services Detroit and the surrounding areas of  Troy, Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights and Royal Oak at her Bloomfield Hills, MI office.  If you have a specific question, please call the office or send an email using the online contact form and our staff will respond quickly.

When Is The Right Time For Breast Reconstruction?

The right time varies depending on the patient and her treatment. Immediate reconstruction is beneficial because the patient can wake up and recover from mastectomy with the breast(s) intact. Overall, recovery time is shorter and cost is also reduced with the immediate procedure. However, some patients have a cancer treatment that conflicts with reconstruction, and others don’t feel prepared to undergo reconstruction or even review their surgery options. Delayed breast reconstruction is a suitable option in those cases.

How Is A Breast Reconstruction Surgery Performed In Birmingham, MI?

The surgery varies widely depending on the technique. Some techniques use breast implants, while others utilize a “flap” that uses other body tissues to recreate the breast mound. When implants are used, Dr. Ellen inserts a special tissue-expander to gradually stretch the tissue so it can accommodate the implant. A saline or silicone breast implant can then be inserted to recreate the breast mound. After the initial surgery, there are post-operative refinements that can help achieve a satisfactory result.

What Are The Risks Of Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction surgery has both delayed and immediate risks that patients should review. Risks include infection, bleeding, fluid collection, and capsular contracture, which is the most common delayed complication. A consultation with the doctor will involve a complete review of the risks involved.

How Long Is Recovery From Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

A typical breast reconstruction procedure using tissue expansion and implants may take two or three hours. The surgery is performed with a general anesthetic, so you’ll sleep through the operation. Dr. Ellen would place a special expanding implant beneath the tissue. As the implant is filled with saline, the implant expands and gradually stretches the skin. Once tissue expansion is complete, a regular saline or silicone implant can be placed to recreate the breast. After surgery, you can expect to be sore and tired for 1-2 weeks, but prescription medications can help manage discomfort. Stitches are removed within 10 days. During a later procedure, the doctor may perform reconstruction of the nipple and other adjustments.

Schedule A Breast Reconstruction Consultation Today

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