Save time at the office! Use our electronic medical record system to complete your health history and demographics.

Office Policy – PDF

Welcome to Dr. Ellen’s patient portal!

Click on the website link at the bottom of this page to visit the login page for MyPatientVisit. If you are a new user, please select the option located at the bottom right-hand-side of the screen that is named “Create an account”. You will then be guided through the process of creating a login for our site. You can register using the email address that you provided to our office, and create a username and enter a security code provided by the office.

If you choose to register using a username and security code:

This option allows you to create your own username and password. You will also need to enter your full name. Three security questions of your choosing will then need to be completed. Lastly, you will need to enter the security code provided to you by the office to gain access to your MyPatientVisit dashboard.

On your MyPatientVisit dashboard, you will see options along the top. These include:

  • myDashboard, which is your home screen.
  • myChart, which drops down the menu options below:
    • Patient Information, which permits you to update your demographics and emergency contact information.
    • Document Summary, which allows you to view a summary of your office visits.
    • Forms, which allows you to complete your health history (for surgical patients) or your skincare history (for Envee MedSpa patients).
    • Messages, which allows you to send a secure message to the office. However, it is faster to reach us by calling 248-258-5100 or e-mail
    • Upload Document, which allows you to upload photos, your driver’s license, or any other health documents.
  • mySettings, where you can link to other family members’ accounts or another medical office

Ready to get started with MyPatientVisit? If so, click here: