If you have breast implants you are not happy with and wish to have them replaced or removed, Dr. Ellen can help at her Bloomfield Hills, MI office.

Interested in Breast Implants? Don’t forget to upload your photos to Dr. Ellen’s Crisalix 3D imaging site! Here you can see what your results might look like with Dr. Ellen.

When To Consider Breast Implant Revision:

  • Your saline breast implants have deflated or an X-ray or MRI suggests your silicone implant has a shell leak
  • If you want to change your implant/breast size
  • If you have tightening of the scar tissue around the implant (capsular contracture) or your breast implants have shifted in position
  • If your breast tissue has changed as a result of skin stretching or weight loss/gain
  • Gravity and aging have altered the size and shape of your breasts
  • You should have undergone a breast lift with your initial augmentation, but did not
  • You are unhappy with the results of previous surgery due to poor implant placement or other aesthetic problems

Find out what your results will look like with our before and after simulation here!

How Is Breast Implant Revision Performed In Birmingham, MI?

Dr. Ellen will make small incisions in the skin under your breast, or in your armpit, and place your new breast implants under the skin and tissue of the breasts. Scars will be virtually unnoticeable. Breast implant revision surgery takes approximately two hours under general anesthetic and can be done on an outpatient basis.

How Long Is Recovery From Breast Implant Revision?

You can expect to be back at work within a week, although you should avoid heavy lifting for about two weeks. You can resume physical activity in two to four weeks.  After surgery, you will regain a youthful breast shape with improved symmetry, whether you choose to increase or decrease your breast size.

Which Areas Do You Service For Breast Implant Revision?

Dr. Ellen services Detroit and the surrounding areas of Troy, Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights and Royal Oak for breast implant replacement surgeries at her Bloomfield Hills office.  If you are considering replacing your breast implants, we encourage you to contact plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen for a consultation.  Dr. Ellen and her staff are eager to answer your questions about breast implant replacement in the Birmingham, MI area. Our office is conveniently located just 6 miles North of Royal Oak and 10 miles East of West Bloomfield.  Please send us an email or call our office today at 248-220-6760 to schedule a consultation.