Visible sun damage is a common concern when it comes to aging skin. Years of sun exposure can result in brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and a dull appearance. At our office, Dr. Ellen and our aesthetics team can help you improve the appearance of your sun damaged skin with a number of different treatment options.

How is Sun Damage Treated?

Depending on your skin type, concerns, and goals, Dr. Ellen might recommend one of the following treatments for your sun damage:

Broadband Light (BBL)

The BBL uses high-intensity light therapy to heat the outer layers of the skin. The targeted areas such as rough spots, age spots, or sun spots will absorb the light. This will result in damaged skin cells flaking off to reveal new skin beneath. At the same time, collagen is stimulated in deeper layers of skin to trigger new collagen production, resulting in stronger skin for fewer lines and wrinkles.

Sciton Halo Laser

The Halo Laser combines the technologies of ablative and nonablative lasers to effectively treat surface layers and deeper layers of the skin in one treatment. Less intense lasers are used to treat sun spots on the outer layers of the skin, resulting on minimum downtime. At the same time, more intense wavelengths will treat deeper layers to improve the strength of the skin that has been weakened by sun exposure.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels come in varying strengths to treat your skin based on the severity of your sun damage. A chemical peel will cause the outer, sun damaged layers of skin to peel, revealing smooth new skin beneath. Deeper peels can even improve severe signs of sun damage like fine lines.

ProFractional Laser Skin resurfacing

ProFractional laser skin resurfacing involves laser energy to precisely remove the skin layer by layer. This ensures that all damaged skin cells including sun damage, age spots, and other surface level blemishes are removed. As new skin cells and collagen are produced, the skin becomes smoother, more even, and stronger.

Your Skin Damage Consultation

During your consultation in Bloomfield, MI, Dr. Ellen and our aesthetics team will meet with you to examine your signs of sun damage, discuss your concerns, and help determine which treatment is right for you. To get started improving your skin, contact our office at 248-220-6760.


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