Fighting Excess Skin After Your Bariatric Surgery

Dealing with excess skin after losing weight is never fun! The good news is that you can undergo body contouring to manage your loose skin. There are multiple benefits for getting rid of excess skin after bariatric surgery: health and aesthetic appeal. Removing excess skin can also help with rashes and discomfort associated with chafing. […]


What is the difference between Renuvion, J-Plasma & J-Plazty?

For the longest time now, aging hasn’t been kind to our appearances and faces. It fights back with all its got, primarily using wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Fortunately, new innovations in cosmetic surgery have found new, non-invasive, and painless treatments to fight back on aging. Some of these innovations are Renuvion, J-Plasma, and […]


COVID-19: What You Should Know

Dr. Ellen A. Janetzke and her staff are concerned about protecting and educating patients about COVID-19. Please remember that it’s important to stay home if you are sick and to seek medical attention from a trusted healthcare provider or emergency room if you are seriously ill. Why is COVID-19 affecting so many people? COVID-19 spreads […]


How to Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon

Choosing to undergo a cosmetic procedure shouldn’t be an overnight thought. While chasing your dreams and desires is an admirable thing, keep in mind that you’ll live with your decision to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery for the rest of your life. Similarly, your choice of cosmetic surgeon plays an instrumental role in shaping your journey and […]


Who Can Benefit From an Arm Lift?

Warm weather is on the way, and that calls for tank tops, sundresses, and swimsuits. If you are concerned and anxious about how your upper arms will look in the sunshine, then talk to Dr. Ellen about arm lift surgery. Dr. Ellen will discuss the benefits of an arm lift, and she can determine if […]


6 Common Questions About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery option each year. For many women, it can help them feel more confident with their body and overall figure by enhancing the breasts or evening them out. However, if you’re considering breast augmentation, it’s common to have questions. Here are some of the most common ones we hear […]



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