Crisalix 3D Imaging with Dr. Ellen

Dr. Ellen now offers Crisalix, the latest cosmetic surgery software to revolutionize the consultation process. Crisalix is a Virtual Reality 4D & 3D simulator used to provide a realistic ‘before and after’ resource for patients and professionals alike. If you’re unsure how your results will look, Crisalix renders it using secured pictures or a mobile 3D scanner, allowing you to modify as you like before your procedure. During a consultation with Crisalix, Plastic Surgeon in Bloomfield Hills Dr. Ellen can answer your questions with a personalized and educational visual rendered from your own body.

What types of procedures does Crisalix support?

Crisalix supports most types of cosmetic procedures, including those for breasts, face, and body. You’ll be able to see the outcome of your facelift, breast reduction, or body contouring during your consultation, so you can plan the exact results you want.

How can I schedule a consultation?

Dr. Ellen is a respected cosmetic surgeon who uses Crisalix for a personalized, precise cosmetic process. If you have questions and would like to experience Crisalix during your consultation, contact our office at (248)-220-6760.