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Things to Consider When Undergoing Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

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Things to Consider When Undergoing Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

Over time, many women in Rochester Hills and surrounding areas who have undergone breast augmentation surgery find that they need a breast augmentation revision. There are many reasons why a patient may need a revision, including a rupture in their saline or silicone implants, unhappiness with their current implant size, a shift in the position of their implants, stretching of their breast tissue due to fluctuations in weight, or unhappiness with the results from a previous surgery. Here are some things to consider when undergoing breast augmentation revision surgery to avoid a re-occurrence of this procedure.

Implant Size

It is important to decide on an implant size that works well with your own breast tissue. Some patients may decide that they want significantly larger breasts, which do not always work well with their own tissues. A mismatch between implant size and a patient’s own body can result in complications, such as stretching, rippling, bottoming out, and an implant that slides to the side when reclining.

Type of Implant

Many patients who require breast augmentation revision surgery are those who simply went with the only breast implant type they could afford at the time, which was commonly saline implants. Although saline implants are a great match for some patients, they do come with complications, like any implant. These complications can include wrinkling, rippling, and a feeling of hardness between the implant and the patient’s breast tissue. Today, there are many more options for breast implants, including a selection of silicone shapes and fills that can help you achieve your breast goals.

Support Options

Today, there are now internal support options that can help patients who are dealing with weak and thin breast tissue. The implant cannot be supported adequately if the breast tissue is not strong enough. Internal support options include a mesh, internal bra, or scaffold being inserted into the bottom of the breast where the tissues are thin or weak. These materials will become integrated into the body, and replaced by the patient’s own tissues. This can help to assure your breast implants last for ten or more years, which is often what both patients and surgeons strive for.

If you consider these things before undergoing breast augmentation revision surgery, you can help avoid another surgery in the future.

Dr. Ellen takes the time to evaluate and personalize each patient’s revised look. If you are interested in breast augmentation revision surgery, contact Dr. Ellen today to schedule a consultation.


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