Though loose skin on your stomach may be most obvious, excess skin can also appear on your back post-weight loss. Excess flesh on the back can cause trouble fitting into clothes, and can make wearing a bra extremely uncomfortable. With a special technique called a back lift, Dr. Ellen can help correct these

When To Choose Back Lift Surgery

As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ellen is at the forefront of body contouring procedures, including the back lift. This procedure is designed to correct issues such as:

  • Loose back skin
  • Persistent back fat
  • Prominent flanks or “love handles”

Candidates are healthy men or women who have back fat associated with aging, sun damage, or weight loss. If you are dealing with pockets of sagging fat on the back or around the “bra line”, a back lift may be able to help.

Common Questions About A Back Lift

Why Is A Back Lift Necessary?

Though you may first notice loose skin on the front of your body especially after losing a large amount of weight, your back may exhibit similar issues. Just like your thighs and abdomen, your back has experienced weight loss and if gravity has also played a role, it may now appear loose. This can result in skin bunching around your bra area and above your waistline—the much-despised “back rolls.” For men and women, a back lift can help to offer a more proportionate body silhouette.


How Is A Back Lift Performed?

A back lift surgery in Birmingham, MI is an outpatient procedure and is completed in a similar fashion to a tummy tuck. The procedure usually takes 1-2 hours to complete, and general anesthesia will be used. Most often, Dr. Ellen will make two careful incisions across the center of your back, near the bra line. The loose skin between these two incisions will be removed. When the intended result is achieved, Dr. Ellen will close the incisions with sutures and cover them with a surgical dressing. In some cases, Dr. Ellen may also use liposuction to remove fat from the area.

How Will I Care For My Body After A Back Lift If Driving In From Detroit, MI ?

When you leave her practice, Dr. Ellen will ask you to wear a compression garment, which will work to reduce swelling and maintain the new contours of your back. Your activity will need to be limited after surgery, but you will be able to walk. Any swelling you experience will subside and discomfort can be managed with medication. Recovery time will differ from patient to patient, though typically lasts about two weeks.

Will I Have Scars From My Back Lift Surgery In Birmingham, MI?

As with any surgery, some scarring will be present. The visibility of scarring will vary by patient, however. In the case of a back lift, Dr. Ellen will take care to hide the incisions within the natural contours of your body and under your bra strap area. Your scars will fade over time and you should be able to conceal them easily. After you heal from your back lift, you should be able to proudly show off your body in clothing you previously struggled with. Many men and women also experience a boost in overall confidence following their back lift procedure.

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