In her Bloomfield Hills plastic surgery practice, Dr. Ellen offers chemical peels, which are an ideal way to remove dead, dull surface cells, ridding yourself of damaged and uneven skin. This short procedure can have long-lasting benefits for the skin on your face, neck, and chest.

Refreshing Your Skin With A Chemical Peel In Bloomfield Hills

With a chemical peel performed at the Bloomfield Hills & Detroit area practice of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen, you can achieve refreshed, younger-looking facial skin. To treat a range of skin issues, chemical peels are available in light or deep variations.

A chemical peel can treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Poor complexion
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Some visible scars

Common Questions About Chemical Peels In Bloomfield Hills, MI

Is My Skin The Ideal Type For A Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels in Detroit, MI area are beneficial for patients of many ages. Younger patients may wish to reduce the appearance of acne, while mature patients may deal with fine lines and wrinkles. Patients with darker skin, however, may not be ideal patients for a chemical peel, given its ability to change some pigmentation. Please consult with Dr. Ellen about skin care options for dark skin.

How Is The Chemical Peel Applied?

The process for applying a chemical peel is actually quite simple and can take as little as 15 minutes. First, your skin will be carefully cleansed. Next, the chemical peel solution will be applied to your face. For some patients, treatment may also be done on the neck and chest. The solution will work for a short time on your skin before it is removed. Some patients may require more than one treatment to correct skin issues.

What Will My Skin Feel Like After A Chemical Peel?

Just as the name implies, your skin will begin to peel somewhat following your treatment. In this process, the dead, dull skin cells on the surface are removed and fresh, young, beautiful skin is then revealed. For a light chemical peel, this flaking should be minimal and you will not need to apply an ointment. You should, however, continue to apply a daily SPF to protect your skin.

What Can I Expect After A Deep Chemical Peel In Detroit?

Much like a light chemical peel, your skin will begin to shed its dull outer layers and reveal cleaner, more clear skin beneath. With a deep chemical peel, you may experience more redness and some scabbing and may have to limit your activities for several days. It will also be key that you apply an ointment and protect your skin from sun exposure as it will be extremely sensitive.

Does Dr. Ellen Offer Other Treatments To Correct Similar Skin Issues?

In her practice, Dr. Ellen offers a Laser Peel, which uses light-based energy to target issues like wrinkles and uneven skin tone. When the laser is focused on the problem site, the skin begins to heal itself and produce new, fresh skin cells.

Dr. Ellen is a board certified plastic surgeon who offers chemical peels in her Bloomfield Hills practice. Patients in Detroit who struggle with common skin ailments can turn to her for a chemical peel. Dr. Ellen’s staff is eager to hear from you. To schedule a chemical peel in the Detroit area, we encourage you to call 248-220-6760 or to join our mailing list to learn about upcoming specials.


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