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How to choose the right facelift for you

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A Liquid Face Lift or the Traditional Face Lift?

As we get older changes begin to occur in our faces. Structures weaken and skin begins to sag, lines and wrinkles develop, and the facial shape begins to lose volume. Once the signs of aging become too much to bear, many will often seek out a face lift to refresh their appearance and regain a youthful look. However, the question now is – which one?

The Liquid Face Lift

With the rise in popularity of injectables like BOTOX Cosmetics and other non-surgical facial fillers, several patients have been going into their plastic surgeon’s office for a liquid face lift. Nicknamed for the surgeon’s combination use of injectables and fillers, the liquid face lift has been providing patients with results very similar to those of a traditional face lift. However, in this case, there is no surgery involved.

A liquid face lift is ideal for patients with earlier signs of aging or during busy times of the year such as the holidays. A liquid face lift with injectables and dermal fillers can be an ideal way to rejuvenate your appearance before all of the holiday festivities without taking any time out of your busy routine for recovery that comes with surgery. The results of a liquid face lift can last for about six months, so you will be set for the entire holiday season and into the new year.

The Traditional Face Lift

The face lift procedure is probably the most well known procedure when it comes to plastic surgery. That is because for decades, it has been an effective solution for patients to combat signs of aging for results that last year after year. The face lift is often used to improve an aged or tired appearance and to lift sagging skin, cheeks and jowls.

This traditional surgical face lift is ideal for people who are facing deeper lines or wrinkles or more advanced forms of sagging. Because it is an invasive procedure, the face lift takes several weeks to recover from, so it is important that you are able to set time aside from work and your daily routine for recovery. While the fall may not be an ideal time for a face lift because of all the gift shopping, house decorating and turkey carving, once you are able to devote time to having a face lift, the results last far longer than the quicker, non-surgical alternatives.

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