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Why mammograms should not be avoided because of breast implants

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As we continue through Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is important that all women know about breast safety and breast cancer prevention.

One of the biggest issues among women and breast care is that mammograms are often forgotten after breast augmentation.

It cannot be stressed enough that it is highly important that all women go in for regular mammogram checks. However, there have been rumors about how a breast augmentation can make it impossible for women to undergo a mammogram. Do not listen to these myths.

Mammograms & Breast Implants

Mammograms can still be – and must be – had even when breast implants are involved. The procedure must be performed in a bit of a different way for women after breast augmentation. A few additional scans may be required in order to see the tissue behind the breast implants, so it is important to make sure that your technician is aware of your implants otherwise the scan may miss something.

According to ImplantInfo.com, women who have undergone breast augmentation should take certain precautions when seeking out mammograms. If you have breast implants, you can assure more accurate breast cancer screenings by following the steps below:

  • Ask your plastic surgeon if he or she can give you a referral for your mammogram
  • Verify that the staff is properly trained and certified to give mammograms
  • Explain to the staff, prior to your appointment, that you have had breast augmentation
  • If possible, request to work with a technician that has experience with breast implants
  • Remind your technician that you have breast implants prior to your mammogram

In addition to regular mammograms, women with breast augmentation should follow the same breast care guidelines as women who do not have implants. Monthly self-examinations should be implemented, and mammograms should be performed at the recommended intervals – initiating at age 35 and then continuing annually after age 40.

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