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2 common body issues & their plastic surgery answers

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Even though tummy tucks and liposuction are both for the contouring of the body, each addresses a very different problem than the other. Here is a little help for determining which body contouring surgery is right for your situation.

I can’t seem to ever get rid of all this excess fat.


When it comes to removing excess fat, no other plastic surgery procedure works quite as well as liposuction. Women and men often seek out liposuction to finally get rid of that bulge around the belly when diet and exercise just isn’t enough. What many people don’t realize is that liposuction can also be used to tone other areas of the body as well, including the face, hips, and thighs. Liposuction is also often used for male breast reduction to reveal a tighter and more youthful appearance of the pectoral muscles. The fat will not return after liposuction as long as the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle moving forward.

I’ve recently lost a lot of weight, but no matter what I do, the loose skin will not tighten up again.


An important thing to keep in mind about the tummy tuck is that it is not for weight loss. Oftentimes, even once excess fat is lost or following pregnancy, the skin may lack the elasticity to tighten up to the slimmer figure. The tummy tuck is used for tightening this loose skin or tissue around the abdomen after losing the weight. Because the belly is not the only area that struggles with loose skin after weight loss, there are also other procedures that address specific areas such as the arms, back, or thighs.

In some cases, a patient may even benefit from having both of the procedures performed together by minimizing trauma and recovery time. Click below to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon to find which body contouring procedure – or set of procedures – will help you best achieve your goals.

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