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How Breast Implants may soon be detecting problems on their own

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The futuristic implants by Establishment Labs

Can you imagine your own body alerting you if something is wrong inside? No, this is not coming from a science fiction movie or some new television show like The Tomorrow People. This is a legitimate development happening right now. Establishment Labs is currently working on a silicone breast implant that can essentially speak for itself.

Based in Florida and Belgium, Establishment Labs is working on adding a new futuristic twist to the already popular silicone breast implants. They’ve created a silicone breast implant with an embedded radio frequency identification microchip that will allow doctors to easily acquire information about the implants. With a simple scan using a handheld device, the doctor would theoretically have access to an implant’s serial number, manufacturer and be able to tell if there was a problem or malfunction with the implant.

The future of breast augmentation

There is no saying when these implants may become available in the United States, but it surely sparks many more possibilities for the already popular plastic surgery procedure, breast augmentation. One of the main concerns women have before undergoing breast surgery is whether the implants are safe for their bodies. While all of the implants approved by the FDA for breast augmentation in the US have been thoroughly tested and proven safe, a microchip that helps in diagnostics if and when a problem occurs may bring a new level of comfort to breast augmentation patients.

From the silicone gel gummy bear implants earlier this year to these new microchip implants, medical companies are striving to make the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the country even better.

If you’re curious about pursuing breast augmentation, ask around and see what other women are saying. With the nearly 300,000 surgeries performed per year, the chances are you probably know someone who has breast implants.

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