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Reduce Scarring after a Surgical Procedure

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Many patients are worried about scarring after a plastic surgery procedure. Experienced surgeons use advanced techniques and careful incision placement to minimize visible scarring, however, some degree of scarring is unavoidable. The good news is there are many different treatment options for scar management to help fade your scars once they’ve healed! Find out how you can minimize your scarring after a procedure.


Embrace offers easy-to-apply dressings that go directly over your scars to lessen their appearance. Once your sutures are removed, embrace can be applied over the incision to provide support by holding the skin closed and reducing scar-causing tension. Embrace can be used to treat new and old scars and comes in a variety of shapes and sized depending on which procedure you had. For best results, start using embrace one to four weeks after suture removal and continue use for 60 days. You can begin to see results after just four weeks, with full results after one year.


Silagen is a silicone gel that can be applied to new and old surgical scars. The gel not only minimizes the formation of scarring, it also provides sun protection. The gel dries quickly to create an invisible shield over your scars to provide protection while reducing redness and flattening your scar. The gel is flexible and waterproof, lasting for 12 to 24 hours. For best results, apply Silagen gel twice daily for 12 weeks.

What Else Can I Do?

Scar treatments often require you to wait for your incisions to completely heal before using. During that time of recovery, there are some things you can do to limit scaring. During recovery, avoid any activity that might create tension or strain on your incision site. You should also avoid rubbing the incision or removing your bandages too soon. Limit your exposure to sunlight and keep your incisions dry until given the okay by your surgeon. When in doubt, ask your surgeon! They will provide you with specific aftercare instructions to help your incision heal for minimal scarring.

If you’re still worried about scarring, there are many nonsurgical procedures and devices on the market that you might be a candidate for! Talk with your surgeon about your treatment options and concerns about scarring. Contact our office to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Ellen.

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