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What is Facial Fat Grafting?

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You might have heard of facial fillers to restore volume in the face for a younger look, but did you know there’s a more natural way to achieve the same results? With facial fat grafting, your own natural fat cells can be used and placed in areas of the face for improved contour. Learn more about facial fat grafting to find out if it might be right for you!

What Can Fat Grafting Improve?

Your face can lose volume with age, resulting in hollowed areas, folds, and wrinkles. With a facial fat transfer, you can restore your youthful skin for a look that’s fresh and full. Fat can be placed into folds or wrinkles to diminish their appearance. It can also be placed in the cheeks to give them a more defined appearance. Age can affect your lips as well, causing them to thin. A fat transfer can be used to restore plump lips for a youthful look.

How Does the Process Work?

During treatment with fat grafting, liposuction will be used to remove fat cells from another part of your body. Therefore, you’re not just getting added volume to your face, you’re also eliminating unwanted fat from another part of your body! Those fat cells will then be purified and prepared for treatment. The prepared fat cells will be placed into the target area to give your face a more contoured appearance.

Why Choose Fat Grafting?

Many individuals choose fat grafting over another injectable filler or collagen treatment. With fat grafting, fewer treatments are needed to achieve desired results. While other injectables and fillers require maintenance to keep up results, much of the volume added during a fat transfer will remain. Using natural fat also greatly reduces your risk of an allergic reaction to treatment. Another reason many choose fat grafting is the natural look and feel of using your own body fat.

To learn more about facial fat grafting and find out if you might be a candidate, contact our office today!

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