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Restore Your Self-Confidence with a Breast Reduction in Birmingham, MI

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While breast implants continue to be the most sought-after cosmetic procedure among women, some women are more eager to improve their appearance by getting a breast reduction instead. Very large breasts can cause a number of health problems and may make a woman very self-conscious about her appearance. If you have a hard time finding clothes that fit properly, are experiencing back and neck pain, or cannot participate in exercises and activities because of very large breasts, consider the benefits of a breast reduction procedure.

Do I Need a Breast Reduction in Birmingham, MI?

Many women wonder whether a breast reduction is absolutely necessary. They will spend large amounts of money on chiropractors or “special bras,” but are never quite able to find a real answer to their problems. For most, surgery is the solution for achieving a more balanced figure and eliminating much of the distress associated with having large breasts. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that may women enjoy a number of physical and psychosocial health benefits when undergoing this procedure, including an improvement in sexual well-being.

Some of the reasons to undergo this procedure might include:

  • Have the confidence to wear form-fitting clothing
  • Eliminate back and neck pain
  • Improve your posture naturally
  • Reduce stress on the spine
  • Eliminate skin irritation and discomfort caused by large breasts
  • Restore a more youthful look
  • Increase self-confidence and boost self-esteem

How the Breast Reduction Procedure Works

A breast reduction involves removing fat, skin, and glandular tissue using liposuction and other techniques. Dr. Ellen may also elevate the nipple to create a more youthful appearance as needed. In many ways, this procedure is similar to a breast lift because it involves removing excess tissue and repositioning the breasts to a more attractive position. Even though this cosmetic procedure leaves some permanent scars, these will fade over time and are easy to hide under a bra or bikini top.

Undergoing a breast reduction in Birmingham, MI could be just what you need to restore your self-confidence and eliminate physical problems caused by your large breasts. If you are tired of trying to find bras that fit you properly or dealing with the pain and stress of having very large breasts, talk to Dr. Ellen about the benefits of a breast reduction in Birmingham, MI.

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