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3 Reasons Women Choose Breast Lifts

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In Birmingham, MI cosmetic surgery provides women with many options for their breasts. These options include procedures like breast reductions, breast augmentations and breast lifts. The “girls” can be altered, lifted, or reshaped to fulfill desires of different women. During her years of plastic surgery experience, Dr. Ellen has performed many successful breast procedures – specifically breast lifts. Why do women choose breast lifts? Here are three reasons why women opt to have this procedure:

Weight Loss

Women follow exercise regimens, diet codes, and other routines to get their desired body type. After shedding pounds, women fit into smaller clothing sizes; women can enjoy slimmer profiles. Nevertheless, breast tissue includes some fat. When women lose fat, they may also experience chest sagging. To restore their chest to a more lifted position, these women turn to breast lifts.


Weight loss is not the only life change affecting chest appearance. Pregnancy, accompanied by breast feeding, can alter chest appearance. After having children, some women experience drooping and sagging. Some of these women also turn to breast lifts for aesthetic options.


Over time, the “girls” naturally sit lower on the chest. Gravity and age can cause ptosis, or breast drooping. When this happens, women may notice a sagging appearance to their breasts. To restore their previous appearance, some of these women also schedule a visit to Dr. Ellen’s Birmingham office.

A breast lift can create more dramatic changes, or smaller alterations, depending on the location of the nipples and the desires of each patient. Each patient has their own reason for their breast lift. Whatever the reason, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ellen, works to fulfill these women’s chest related desires.

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