If you would like rejuvenated, luminous and smoother feeling skin, and would like a procedure with little to no downtime, Sciton’s NanoLaserPeel may be for you. Unlike chemical peels or microdermabrasion, which have longer recovery times, the non-invasive NanoLaserPeel treatment that plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Janetzke provides in her Birmingham, MI, office is an excellent option.

What are the benefits of NanoLaserPeel?

  • It reduces the signs of aging, giving you smoother skin.
  • It treats discoloration and restores your skin’s natural luminosity.

What is NanoLaserPeel?

Using light energy, the NanoLaserPeel instantly removes the top layers of the skin while activating the skin’s own renewal process. Since microdermabrasion and chemical peels don’t reach the deeper layers of the skin, they can leave damaged cells behind and inhibit the process of renewal. The precise NanoLaserPeel treatment targets old skin cells and then starts your body’s own renewal process, giving you refreshed and smoother looking skin.

How long does the NanoLaserPeel treatment take?

Dr. Ellen’s patients love the NanoLaserPeel because it’s very comfortable, and it just takes five minutes! You should plan on approximately 30 minutes for your total appointment time when you visit Dr. Ellen’s office in Birmingham, MI.

How long is the downtime from NanoLaserPeel?

The downtime for NanoLaserPeel treatment is very brief. It only takes 1-2 days for your skin to recover, so you can go back to your normal activities within that time.

What results can I expect from NanoLaserPeel?

Your skin will feel smoother and softer immediately. You’ll even notice that when you apply your makeup, it goes on easier!

During your consultation, be sure to ask Dr. Ellen what you should expect from your initial treatment, and when she recommends scheduling another appointment.

Patients in the Detroit area, who would like to treat aging skin/dull/tired-looking skin, should consult with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ellen. To take the first step toward smoother appearing skin and minimize the signs of aging, call us to schedule an appointment at 248-220-6760 today.