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Why Are More Men Interested in Plastic Surgery?

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Today, there is a particularly high value on looking fit and young. This social pressure is not exclusive to females; men feel it too. With this comes an increase in the number of men now interested in plastic surgery procedures. In fact, last year 1 million men had cosmetic procedures! Here, we will discuss why more men are turning to plastic surgery, and which options are available to them.

There are now many options for men when it comes to plastic surgery procedures. These options include everything from pectoral and calf implants, to hair replacement surgery. Because male pattern baldness affects many men and is often a concern, many hair transplantation options have also been developed.

Men seem to be especially drawn to minimally invasive procedures, which include Botox, laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, and IPL laser treatments. These options are often quick, convenient, and low on the pain scale. Other surgeries that have been popular among men are breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia, eye surgery, ear surgery, liposuction, and nose surgery.

Men are putting a big emphasis on looking younger and fit due to societies view on what a man “should be”.  Although men might not be as vocal about the procedures they have had done as women are, they are still choosing to have things nipped and tucked!

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