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How to Get Better Results With Better Skin Care Products

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Why are medical grade skin care products better than the products at your department story cosmetics counter?  The short explanation is …pH

pH level is something few customers know about or pay attention to when shopping for skin care products, but it makes a major difference when it comes to producing measurable results.

  • pH of 1 or 2 is high strength acid, what you’ll find in quality, medical grade products
  • pH of 3- 4 is medium strength
  • pH of 5-6 is a weak concentration
  • pH of 7 is neutral

An over-the-counter skin care product may be very safe and it may advertise a high acid concentration, but it will usually register as a neutral pH. High quality skin care products from a plastic surgeon contain strong acids with a pH level of 1 or 2.

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