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A quick and easy way to rejuvenate your appearance for the holidays

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Top off your holiday look with non-surgical treatments

Nearly every mall and store around Michigan has already been filled with holiday decorations with songs like “Jingle Bells” and “12 Days of Christmas” playing for hours on repeat. As we all prepare to kick off the holiday season with Thanksgiving, many of us will be getting a fancy new hair-cuts and raiding our local Target for a slew of beauty products to help achieve that youthful look from Christmas past.

However, if you’re tired of emptying out bottle after bottle of some ointment or cream that claims to solve your aging problems with no real results, it may be time to see what your plastic surgeon has to offer. These treatments can help you feel holiday ready without having to go under the knife.

For years, the go-to procedure for facial rejuvenation has always been the face lift. But during a busy time like the holidays, most of us are tight on time, and so, plastic surgery just isn’t the best option with the recovery period that comes along with it.

With the emergence of non-surgical face and skin treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, fillers like Juvéderm and injectables like BOTOX® are the solution to a quick facial rejuvenation before the holidays. With these treatments taking just around half an hour, injectables and fillers can be used along the sides of the face, the jaw line, around your smile lines and nasal folds, your brow line and even on your lips to gain volume and definition.

Rather than wasting time and money trying those “anti-aging” products that line the health and beauty aisle, you can go in for a non-surgical treatment such as BOTOX®, Juvéderm or a Chemical Peel, and be out in less than an hour looking years younger.

Click below to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss which non-surgical treatment can help you shave years off your appearance in time for Thanksgiving.

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