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Breast implants & mammograms

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The American Cancer Society (ACS) have released their 2013 statistics. They are estimating more than 230,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women and over 39,000 new breast cancer related deaths. This data should be shared with all women, and particularly with women who have received breast implants.


Some women are lead to believe that mammograms will no longer work with breast implants. This is not true! Regular mammograms are still the best way to spot breast cancer. After a breast augmentation, mammograms will need to be performed in a slightly modified way in order to effectively analyze the breast tissue. Your doctor must be made aware of factors such as implant placement in order to properly screen the breasts.

According to ImplantInfo.com, women who have undergone breast augmentation should take certain precautions when seeking out mammograms. If you have breast implants, you can improve breast cancer screenings by taking the following steps:

  • Ask your breast surgeon if he or she can give you a referral for where to have your mammogram.
  • Verify that the medical staff is properly trained and certified to administer mammograms.
  • Make it clear to your doctor that you have had an augmentation before beginning with your screening.
  • If possible, request to work with a technician that has experience working with patients who have had breast implants.

In addition to regular mammograms, women with breast augmentation should follow the same breast care guidelines as women who do not have implants. Monthly self-examinations should be implemented, and mammograms should be performed at the recommended intervals – initiating at age 35 and then continuing annually after age 40.

Women can safely have a breast augmentation without increasing their risk of breast cancer as long as the proper safety measures are taken. If you are curious about breast implants but would like more information, speak with your board certified plastic about any concerns you may have.

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