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3 ways Social media is changing the way we look

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Social media is taking over our lives, and it’s more than just the way we interact with others and the frequency of which we check our smartphones that is changing. Here are three ways that our favorite sites are leading to a popularity increase of face lifts and minimally invasive plastic surgery.


A recent survey by the American Academy of Facial Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) showed that requests for cosmetic surgery as a result of social media photo-sharing have increased by 31%. As it becomes incredibly common to be tagged in an unflattering photo of yourself over social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, people are turning to plastic surgery, especially a face lift or non-surgical facial treatments, to revamp their appearance. Injectable treatments like Botox are one of the more popular of these treatments with over six million treatments administered last year.


The big screen is no longer the only place for someone to gain fame. As media sharing apps like Instagram and Vine continue to gain extreme popularity, ordinary users are landing a new found celebrity status. A few so-called Vine-famous users have even been sourced to create short, six-second promos to promote a company’s product over the app. Trident Gum had the popular vine users, Rudy Mancuso and Nicholas Megalis, create a video promoting one of their newest flavors. Megalis was also used by MTV to cover their VMAs last month. As more people continue to gain fame through social media, it’s to be expected that cosmetic treatments will begin to share the same high level of popularity with these social media celebrities as they do with traditional movie and television stars.


According to a survey published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), over a third of marriages now begin online. When it comes to finding a romantic match over Facebook or one of the many dating sites, the profile picture can make a huge difference. While in the past a quick Photoshop tweak could do the trick (but could often lead to an awkward first meeting), people have now been seeking out plastic surgery for real results. In India especially, the desire for a so-called Facebook Facelift has led to an exponential spike in those seeking out these facial plastic surgery procedures to increase their chances of finding love over the internet.

As more people begin considering a face lift, it is important to seek help from only a trained hand. Even with minimally invasive procedures, it is important to always consult the expertise of a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure your safety and the best results.

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