Facial volume loss is a common part of the aging process and can be the cause of common problems like wrinkles and sagging. Volume restoration can be an effective way to restore the youthful shape and contour of the face, and this can be done naturally with Allofill. Traditional fat grafting requires liposuction, which can cause some discomfort and require downtime. Allofill offers a noninvasive solution to volume loss, while still delivering instant and lasting results.

What is Allofill?

Allofill is an injectable formula that works with your body for natural results. Regular fat grafting requires harvesting fat from another part of the body using liposuction techniques. With Allofill, this step is eliminated. The formula uses naturally-occurring allograft fat tissue to target areas of lost volume and soft tissue defects. The allograft tissue is harvested from donors, sterilized, and prepared for placement, so it’s ready to use when you arrive.

Who is a candidate for Allofill?

This treatment can be a great option for patients who are unable or unwilling to undergo liposuction. Allofill also offers long-term results versus dermal fillers. Patients looking for immediate, long-lasting results can benefit greatly from Allofill, which can be used on any area of the body where volume is needed.

How does Allofill work?

Allofill is injected under the skin, where it adds instant volume in places where fat loss has occurred. The injected allograft provides the framework for new cells and blood vessels to populate. As your body goes through its natural healing process, Allofill is reshaped into normal soft tissue, giving you natural volume and greater support for your skin.

Results and recovery

There is no downtime after treatment with Allofill, meaning patients can return to their normal, everyday activities immediately. Side effects are similar to other injectable treatments and might include mild redness, swelling, and bruising at the site of injection. You will notice an immediate increase in volume after treatment, with continuing progress as your body produces new cells. One treatment is enough for lasting results, but you might choose future treatment sessions to maintain your appearance.

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