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TRUE OR FALSE: 5 Tummy facts that may surprise you

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How much do you know about your tummy? With the amount of work that many of us put into making our bellies look good – all the dieting, cardio or surgical procedures like the tummy tuck – we should all be experts on our stomachs. Here is a quick quiz about your tummy that may just surprise you.

TRUE OR FALSE? The size of your stomach influences your weight.

False. Just because a person weighs more does not mean that their stomach is also larger. A thin person can actually have a bigger stomach than someone who is overweight. Surgical procedures that shrink the stomach down to the size of a walnut are misleading because you can still gain weight. Fat reducing surgeries such as liposuction are a more effective for achieving your ideal size, however, you must still continue to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain it.

TRUE OR FALSE? You can shrink the size of your stomach to get full faster by eating less over a period of time.

False. There is nothing that you can do to naturally decrease the size of your stomach. Once you have reached adulthood, your stomach is fully grown. However, eating less can help to decrease your appetite over time and lead to gradual weight loss.

TRUE OR FALSE? Crunches and Sit-Ups will not help to reduce the size of your stomach.

True. As was said before, nothing can be done to shrink the size of the stomach. However, these exercises can be effective in burning the layers of fat and building the abdominal muscles that house the stomach. Pairing these exercises with daily cardio is the best way to define the abdominal muscles.

TRUE OR FALSE? Having an after dinner snack before bed will cause you to gain weight much quicker than having the same food at an earlier time.

False. I’m sure many of us have heard before that eating before bed will make us fat, but most experts actually agree that this is a myth. It does not matter so much what time you eat, but more so depends on whether or not you are consistently burning more calories than you consume.

TRUE OR FALSE? The sagging skin that is often left behind after rapid weight loss or pregnancy can be fixed by eating right and exercising.

False. Excess skin or tissue is a common issue that follows weight loss and pregnancy and can only be really fixed through surgical means such as a tummy tuck. If you have ever watched The Biggest Loser on television, you may have noticed that as the contestants continue to lose massive amounts of weight, they usually have hanging skin when they remove their shirts to step on the scale. Many of the contestants opt for body contouring surgeries after losing the weight to address these issues around the belly and the arms.

So did anything come as a surprise to you? If you would like to learn more about any of the procedures that we mentioned, contact a board-certified plastic surgeon by clicking below.

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