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What’s Different About the Male Facelift?

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You’ve probably heard a lot about men and plastic surgery, which is because men are one of the fastest-growing demographics within the plastic surgery community. With more men pursuing plastic surgery options, it’s common to ask if there’s any difference between male and female procedures. The short answer is yes, with varying degrees of difference. Here are some of the ways in which plastic surgeons accommodate men who pursue a facelift.

Technical Considerations

Because of the way the male body is constructed, there can be more musculature and tougher ligaments to work around with a facelift. Rearranging the underlying tissues can be more difficult to translate into favorable results when the skin is re-draped over the face. The skin is generally thicker as well and can be difficult to work with. This is why having a skilled plastic surgeon that specializes in men’s procedures is so important.

Incisional Considerations

While most facelift incisions are placed along the hairline or nearby, this can be cause for concern with many men who are also prone to receding hairlines. The incision can instead be placed within the natural contours of the face or even within the ear.

Aesthetic Considerations

This can require a keen, artistic eye on the part of the plastic surgeon because the masculine face has a very different aesthetic than the feminine one. Therefore, the same techniques and goals may not always be the same. In general, men may want more definition in the jawline and neck, with a heavier presence of the brow.

Emotional Considerations

While women have undergone plastic surgery for a very long time, men are relatively new to the other side of the knife. Despite wanting to look good and remove a few years from their profile, many men may be reluctant to pursue plastic surgery because they aren’t conditioned to undergo major changes in their appearance. The consultation process with men can require a different, more discreet approach due to the false idea that plastic surgery is exclusive to women.

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