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Your Options for Erasing Scars

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Scars can come from many different things— mild to severe injuries, acne, or even cosmetic and surgical procedures. It can be difficult to try and make them disappear, especially when they’ve been there for a while— and beach season can be a struggle when you want to show off your best self. Fortunately, Dr. Ellen offers some procedures to help reduce the appearance of your scars so you don’t have to cover up.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can be beneficial to many different skin blemishes, including scarring. The two treatment types include ablative (these work by removing the top, damaged layers of skin so new, clear cells can grow in its place) and non-ablative (these naturally stimulate collagen to grow and smooth the underlying skin). While ablative procedures are invasive but effective in removing scarring, it will require some downtime for the skin the heal. Non-ablative procedures usually produce results over a longer period of time and may require multiple sessions, depending on the severity of the scar. Dr. Ellen can help determine what type of treatment will be best for you.

Silicone Treatments

Silicone gels like Silagen can be used directly after a surgical procedure or well after to reduce scarring by protecting and mending the formation of scars. It can also increase hydration in the skin cells and regulate the production of collagen and fibroblasts, which can be responsible for scar formation. The gel is invisible and unnoticeable and lasts 12 to 24 hours, with use twice daily for up to 12 weeks. If you’re looking for an easy, at-home treatment, this might be for you.

Chemical Peels

If your scarring is facial, a chemical peel can be a good option. During this procedure, a chemical solution is applied to the skin with the strength depending on the desired depth of the peel. A deep chemical peel can treat some of the deepest scars as it removes damaged, topical skin cells so that new ones can grow in their place. This procedure requires downtime, but can produce great results that benefit the rest of your facial skin as well. It’s very important that the new skin is protected from sun damage, as this can produce uneven skin tone as it grows back.

These are just a few of the options Dr. Ellen offers to help you restore your confidence in your skin. If you have scarring that you’re ready to remove, contact our office to discuss your treatment options.

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