Plastic surgery in Bloomfield Hills

Dr. Ellen Janetzke is among the few female surgeons who have specialization in breast reconstructive, breast reduction and breast augmentation procedures. She did her studies from the University of Michigan and then attended Wayne State University School of Medicine. She has worked for over 14 years as a plastic surgeon and is known for her ability to understand and anticipate the expectations of her patients. She has gained a reputation as a caring and gifted surgeon. Patients in Bloomfield Hills and surrounding areas can now opt for the best of plastic surgery procedures when they meet Dr. Janetzke.

Breast surgery procedures

Every woman suffers from asymmetrical breasts but for some, the difference may be more noticeable compared to others. Breast procedures can help you to restore symmetry and this will make the difference look subtle. You may also suffer from developmental issues that may cause abnormalities in the shape and size. These issues may be difficult if you are a young woman. The breast procedures done by Dr. Ellen Janetzke will offer a lasting solution which can help you in restoring your confidence. Here are the breast procedures offered in Bloomfield Hills:

Facial procedures

Facial procedures are the right treatment for you, in case you want to target sun damage and aging signs so that you can achieve a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. To get some of the procedures, your skin should have good elasticity, a good bone structure which will support facial alteration, good health and saggy skin on the neck and face. If you are in Bloomfield Hills, Dr. Ellen Janetzke can choose any of the following procedures to help you achieve your goals after a thorough evaluation of your skin and issues.

Body contouring procedures

You will need to undergo body contouring procedures if you lost weight and now have sagging or unwanted contours because of fat that refused to go away or if you suffer from the weakened or stressed skin.  You may also get the procedure to reduce wide scars and stretch marks. Here are the procedures offered in Bloomfield Hills:

Plastic surgeries for men

The society pressurizes people to look fit and stay young for as long as they can. Even if earlier plastic surgery was dominated by women, now many men are requesting different services as well. If you are a male patient in Bloomfield Hills and looking for procedures to change anything with your body type, beard growth or skin, Dr. Ellen offers various procedures to target your specific needs.

About Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Bloomfield Hills are located in the northern suburbs in Oakland County in the state of Michigan. The city is surrounded by the Bloomfield township. The city is home to the Cranbrook Academy of Art which is the country’s leading graduate school of art, architecture, and design. There are other historic sites as well which are listed on the national register of historic places.