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Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift – Which is Right for You?

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The breast augmentation and breast lift are two popular procedures to enhance the appearance of your breasts. Before you choose one of the other, take a look at these common breast concerns to determine which one is really the best for you!

I like the way my breasts look in a push-up bra

If you are happy with the size of your breasts, a breast lift might be all you need! An easy and effective way to see what your breasts would look like after a lift is to put on a push up bra without padding. A breast lift can lift your breasts to a similar perky position by removing excess skin and tightening the tissue. A breast lift will also address the nipple position and size. If your nipples point downward, you can benefit from a lift.

My breasts have lost volume after pregnancy/weight loss

After pregnancy or weight loss, your breasts will lose some volume, causing them to sag. In this case, a breast augmentation with implants could help you get your full breasts back and fill out loose skin. If severe loose skin is present, a breast lift can be added to optimize your results. You might also consider having your breast procedure as part of a larger set of contouring procedures for a full body makeover!

My breasts have begun to sag with age

With age, you’ll likely begin to notice your breasts sagging due to skin laxity. A breast lift can be performed to remove your excess skin, tighten the tissue, and lift your breast to a more youthful position on the chest. Those who have had a breast augmentation when they were younger might once again find themselves unhappy with their appearance. A breast lift can be used to address new sagging and restore your full breasts.

Dr. Ellen can discuss your concerns and determine which procedure or combination of procedures is best for you. To schedule your consultation in Bloomfield Hills, MI, contact our office today.

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