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Why Board-Certified Surgeons are the Best Choice for your Breast Augmentation

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In 2012, cosmetic surgery in the U.S. alone averaged in at 1.7 million procedures, and breast augmentation ranked #1 and even continues to become more mainstream.

The top five cosmetic procedures performed in 2012 were breast augmentation (330,631), liposuction (313.011), tummy tucks (156,508), eyelid surgery (153,171), and nose surgery (143,801). For women considering breast implants, here are a couple things to help your surgery go beautifully.


When dealing with any surgical procedure, choosing a board-certified surgeon is always the path to choose. With a board-certified surgeon, you can have the peace of mind knowing that we will provide you with the best and safest treatment.

Of course, there are other surgeons and specialists performing breast augmentation procedures, but board-certified surgeons have by far the greatest experience, having gone through years of intensive training.

There are also many clinics outside of the country advertising attractive, low prices and constructing false patient reviews to try and bring in more business. These are all red flags to avoid when searching for your surgeon.

There are times when being extremely picky is a good thing, and choosing your surgeon is definitely one of them.


Your surgeon is here to offer their advice and recommendations during your consultation, but you have a good amount of say in a large part of your procedure. Things like the type of implants, implant placement, and size are ultimately up to you so be sure to ask the questions and be informed. Also all the pre and post-procedure guidelines given to you will help ensure that you have a safe surgery and recovery.

Make the Call

If you are interested in pursuing breast augmentation, find a board certified plastic surgeon that you are comfortable with and talk with them about what you are looking to get out of your procedure. If you happen to be around Birmingham, we would love to sit down and talk with you about achieving your ideal body.

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