Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon is a very important decision. The decision to go under the knife, regardless of the type of surgery, can have lasting effects on your quality of life.

Abdominoplasty, better known as a tummy tuck, is a prime example of a surgical procedure that requires the expertise of a qualified plastic surgeon.

The choice of a reputable and professional plastic surgeon greatly heightens your chances of receiving results you are happy with. Other advantages of choosing an experienced and recommended Dallas abdominoplasty surgeon are the chances of quicker recovery time and less complications.

Criteria for Selecting a Tummy Tuck Surgeon

Your plastic surgeon should meet the following qualifications to ensure their job credibility:

In general, it is advisable to choose a plastic surgeon who has had no less than five years of medical training to perform a tummy tuck in Houston. Two of those years should have been working in the intensive practice of plastic surgery.

Educational Background and Professional Affiliations

Be sure to check if your tummy tuck surgeon is endorsed by a legitimate national board of plastic surgery. It is also best to make sure that he or she is affiliated with other notable organizations and medical boards. They can attest to his or her credibility and professional practice.

Professional Practice

Find out how many times your doctor has performed a Grand Rapids tummy tuck throughout the course of his or her professional practice.

It is also important to ask if your doctor is capable of performing any type of tummy tuck procedure, as there are a number of different kinds. Moreover, check if your doctor is capable of carrying out any complementary procedure at the same time such as liposuction.

Accredited Medical Facilities

Aside from having strong ties with various medical organizations, it is also important that your surgeon is associated with an accredited medical facilities in Richardson, TX.

This is to make sure that your tummy tuck procedure will be carried out safely at a medical facility with the proper safety protocols in place.

Tummy Tuck Questions to Ask Yourself

Undergoing a medical procedure is stressful enough. It is imperative that you are comfortable with your Phoenix tummy tuck surgeon prior to surgery. This will lessen the anxiety and pressure before going under the knife.

  • If you are unable or uncomfortable voicing your concerns with your potential surgeon, then it is wise to scout for other candidates.
  • Did the surgeon pay attention to your fears and anxieties in relation to the surgery?
  • During your initial consultation, did the surgeon take the time to answer all of your questions about the procedure?
  • Did you feel pressured by the surgeon to undergo other procedures in addition to a Tucson tummy tuck?
  • Did you feel comfortable with the surgeon’s bedside manners? Did the staff go out of their way to ensure your comfort?


Dr. Ellen meets all qualifications listed as important things to look for in a surgeon. She is an experienced and well-recommended surgeon in the Detroit area. Dr. Ellen understands that the decision to undergo a tummy tuck is a sensitive issue. She provides her patients with a list of questions to ask themselves when evaluating tummy tuck surgeons because she wants to ensure you feel no pressure and pick the right surgeon. If you do decide that Dr. Ellen is the right surgeon for you, she will personally see to it that you feel at ease and express all of your concerns. She will make sure you feel totally prepared prior to surgery and explain everything in detail to ensure the best results are achieved. If this answered your questions about tummy tucks and you think this procedure is right for you, call Dr.Ellen today and set up a consultation.