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Reasons You May Want Smaller Breast Implants

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The popular perception of breast implants revolves around women who choose an extra-large size. In the 90s, actress Pamela Anderson made this look popular, as have many other women working in Hollywood during that time.

While implant size is a very personal choice, big sizes may be going out of style. Many of today’s Hollywood ladies are choosing a more modest and manageable breast implant size, including Denise Richards, Victoria Beckham, and Drew Barrymore. Together they represent a trend toward smaller breast implants.

If you’re considering breast augmentation for the first time, know that smaller implants can still provide excellent results. And if you’ve had a previous breast augmentation with large implants, you might consider downsizing through a breast revision surgery.

There are many good reasons to choose a more modest implant size:

  • A proportional Shape
  • A natural appearance
  • Easier physical activity

When it’s time to choose a size, don’t overanalyze cup sizes or implant volume numbers. Visit a plastic surgeon who can measure you for the right implants, then try them on to find a look you like.

Although breast implant sizers can help, they don’t always match the actual results. New products like the Natrelle Pre Consultation kit can help as well. as they allow you to test out an implant size and find your desired look.

Have a question about breast implant sizing? Contact our office in Birmingham, MI. Whether you’d prefer small implants or extra large breast implants, we can help you choose an implant that helps to achieve your desired outcome.

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