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How Long Do Breast Implant Last?

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If you have breast implants or are familiar with this plastic surgery procedure, you may have heard the common belief that breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years. While this may be true for some patients, many breast implants last much longer than 10 years. Read on to learn more about the longevity of breast implants.

Breast Implant Study

An FDA-released report in 2011 on the safety of silicone breast implants revealed some interesting information. It revealed that only 1 out of 5 women needed some form of revision surgery after having their implants for 10 years. This means that 80% of patients’ implants are going strong after 10 years!
Patients should also consider that this study was created in 2011, and since then, there have been many improvements in breast implant creation. Gummy bear breast implants now exist, which are more cohesive and sturdier than traditional silicone or saline implants, providing longer-lasting results.

When to Change Implants

While the majority of women do not need to replace their implants after 10 years, there are, of course, some situations in which it may be necessary. If the implant has ruptured, capsular contracture has formed, or there is any other sort of issue, an implant revision surgery could help. Be sure to self-monitor your breasts, as well as visit your surgeon for regular check-ups to be sure that there are no complications.
If you are considering breast augmentation, consultation with Dr. Ellen can help to determine if this procedure is right for you. Patients in the Troy, Rochester Hills and Detroit areas can contact Dr. Ellen to schedule their consultation.

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