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Get Summer Ready this Spring with Cellfina™

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If you are starting to dread the quickly approaching swimsuit season and aren’t interested in surgical options because of a busy lifestyle, Cellfina™ treatments may be the perfect cellulite reduction treatment for you. The best thing about this treatment is that in only takes one 45-minute session to see results!

How Does it Work?

Stubborn cellulite can be most commonly found on the back of the thighs and buttock area. This characteristic is not exclusive to patients that are considered overweight. Cellulite can affect people of all shapes and sizes and levels of physical fitness. Many people find this to be bothersome when preparing to wear a bathing suit or shorts once the hot weather hits.

Cellfina uses a tiny needle-like probe that is inserted beneath the skin to treat the bands that cause cellulite. These connective bands pull at the skin, creating a dimpling effect that makes the surface of the skin uneven. The treatment itself only takes about 45 minutes and does not involve any cutting; only needles are inserted into the skin.

Post-Procedure & Results

After the procedure, you will find that the treated area is rather sensitive and you may want to take it easy for the following 24 hours. The soreness and potential bruising should subside within a couple of weeks and results will begin to show up as early as three days post-procedure. As far as longevity, a study has shown that the results can last up to three years.

If you are interested in Cellfina™ to treat cellulite, contact Dr. Ellen today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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